sunnuntai 9. tammikuuta 2011

CCT: Challenge 146 - Out with the Old! & KKSC: Challenge 60 - Time to Unwind

Cute Card Thursday:

Challenge 146 - Out with the Old!

I don´t usually use so much basics so they end up being in the bottom of my stash (black/red etc. papers). Also those white and silver leaves have been somewhere in the bottom of the deep deep river ;0)

But the card ended up being very!! :0)


Krantin´Kimmie Stamps Challenge:

Challenge 60 - Time to Unwind!

And that means NO ribbon, NO twine, NO string, trim or fibres of any kind!


4 kommenttia:

  1. Great job! Annette looks GORGEOUS and I love how you created your own background paper with the accessory stamp! Love it!

  2. WAU, upeat värivalinnat, magee kortti kaikkinensa!!!!

  3. Fantastic Card! the colors!

  4. This is just gorgeous Annette!! Xx


Kiitos ihanista palautteista ja tervetuloa uudelleen!!

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