tiistai 4. tammikuuta 2011

TPE: Winter Wonderland - Challenge # 90



Winter Wonderland - Challenge # 90

I have gone grazy :0) This is a start for christmas 2011, or one of those. I made 6 quite similar cards, but still different.

In this (these) card I have used Distress ink (black), Stamp-n stuff embossing powder psychedelic transparent (to make the card sparkle), black outline stickers and few bling bling in colours of rainbow.

I am so sorry, that you can´t see the lovely sparkle in this picture. :( Blame the scanner :0)

And please, visit the other 5 cards too :0)


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Kiitos ihanista palautteista ja tervetuloa uudelleen!!

PS. Valitettavasti olen joutunut roskapostitulvan takia palauttamaan sanavahvistuksen.